Permabits and Petabytes

February 12, 2009


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… of the blog, not of your data (in this case). This blog is moving over to our home server at, and Tom Cook, our CEO and Mike Ivanov, our VP Marketing, will be joining me in making regular posts.

Please go on over there and update your RSS feeds. You can get a feed of all our posts, or separated by author.

Luckily, migrating data in WordPress is almost as easy as the automatic data migration in Permabit Enterprise Archive, so all the previous content is there for your perusal.

February 10, 2009

End of the RAID

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To kick off the new year, we recently released our Storage Predictions for 2009. We’ve received a lot interest in this list since we released it, and I personally have been asked about prediction number 3, “RAID will Hit a Data Dead End”. Allow me to explain. (more…)

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