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January 28, 2009

Great time to be an IT pro and storage buyer

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Post: Tom Cook, Permabit CEO
Hello. I’m Tom Cook, CEO & President of Permabit Technology Corporation. Jered Floyd has been doing many blog posts regarding technology trends for the storage industry. I’m jumping in now to provide a bit of a different perspective. I’ll write about topics and issues I hear about when talking with enterprise IT and storage leaders.

Despite the increasing pressures of managing the explosive growth of digital information and greater regulatory pressures, cost effective storage options have never been greater. This is why I believe it is a great time to be an IT professional and enterprise storage buyer.

I want to address a major trend we see unfolding in 2009 that can pay your company immediate cost saving dividends.

Enterprises are Moving Fixed Information to a Lower Cost Tier: We are seeing a strong shift of investment from primary storage to an archive or “value” tier. Remember, primary storage was originally designed to house only your transactional information. Over time, primary storage became the great dumping ground for all information to the point that the typical organization’s primary storage houses only 25% transactional information. By moving the other 75% (your fixed information) to a deduplicated, secure, online and scalable archive tier at an effective cost of less than $1/GB you’ll achieve huge cost savings. Our customers report 60-90 day payback when they take action!

When you move fixed information to a low cost tier, you get a secondary benefit. Your back up window shrinks. Now let’s think about the overall economics.
• Move 100TB of information to an archive tier at an effective cost of $1/GB,
• avoid investing in/expanding your primary (at $15/GB) and back up ($5/GB) environments, and
• save $1.9 million.

So, why are enterprises moving now to a utility, value or archive tier for their fixed information? In talking to customers I find three main reasons:
1. Value. The archive tier is cost effective, easy to deploy and manage.
2. Money. New focus on cost containment, rapid payback and high ROI.
3. Easy. Information movement technologies have advanced and open systems rule.

Is a value tier in your 2009 plan? To learn about how Permabit provides a value tier of storage that delivers unprecedented costs savings, visit our website, where you will find our Storage Savings Calculator. Or, just give us a call at 617-252-9600.

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