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August 21, 2008

Reducing Primary Storage Costs

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I’ve written a lot here about how cost reduction is a primary driver for implementing an enterprise archive system, but I haven’t yet explained exactly how implementing a product like Permabit Enterprise Archive will directly (and immediately) save you money.

I’m going to be traveling for the next week and a half, but conveniently Mike Ivanov, our VP of Marketing, will be giving a webinar on this very topic while I’m away. Mike will be presenting Enterprise Archiving: Five Steps to Reduce Primary Storage Costs on Tuesday, August 26 at 1 PM EDT. If you can’t make that, he’ll also present again on Tuesday, September 9, also at 1 PM.

It’s a free webinar, and we’ll even send you a 1 GB USB flash drive to add to your collection. (I’m considering making some sort of tribal data storage necklace with all of mine.) The free 1 GB is not, of course, one of the five ways in which we save you money on storage, so maybe that makes it six if you attend?

Over the past few months we’ve done an extensive survey of storage and IT departments at enterprise customers. One of the big things we learned is that 72 percent of them are not seeing any growth in their IT budget, yet they have to keep up with storage growth of 50% or more. Everybody likes to save money, but reducing primary storage cost has now become critical.

I don’t want to steal Mike’s thunder by going into the details here on how enterprise archive cuts storage costs. I’ll write about that once I’m back in town, but for now, go tune in to his presentation! You can register here.


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