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June 25, 2008

Enterprise Archive Defined

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The principal storage market that Permabit addresses, with the aptly named Permabit Enterprise Archive appliance, is the area of enterprise archive. Analyst George Crump does a great job explaining this market and its requirements in his white paper The Enterprise Archive Defined, but I’ll take a crack at a brief summary here.

Enterprises today are faced with tremendously growing storage requirements. Any market analyst (or, better yet, scientifically conducted survey) will tell you that storage requirements in enterprise are growing between 40% and 60% yearly. This is driven by many factors (regulatory requirements, data mining, modernization of business, higher resolution media, etc.), but it all comes down to wanting and needing to store more stuff.

Most of this stuff goes right onto primary storage, at a cost of $30 to $50 a gigabyte. It also gets put into the backup stream, at an overall cost (considering how many copies are eventually made) of another few dollars per GB. At current growth rates, the average mid-size enterprise needs millions of dollars more primary storage per quarter, but IT budgets are certainly not keeping up. (more…)


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Welcome to my new blog and our new website! We’ve been busy updating everything to be crisp and to clearly explain how Permabit can solve your enterprise archive problems, and relieve pressure on overloaded (and expensive) primary and backup systems.

In addition to this blog, I’ll also be doing a series of whiteboard discussions on storage topics. The first explains different causes of failures in RAID systems, an adjunct to our white paper on our RAIN-EC technology, and a topic that has recently received quite a bit of attention (and controversy!) elsewhere online.

This is my soapbox, but I’d like this to be a participatory forum. If there are topics that you’d like me to cover either here or in a future whiteboard video, please leave a comment here or send me an email. In exchange, I promise to do my best to have something interesting to say, and to try not to bore you.

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